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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, we provide domiciliary assistance services throughout Lanarkshire & Glasgow, helping the resident Complete their chores. We use local Taskmaster, people who are experienced in completing Home Chores and offering Home Support. Find out More HERE 

We provide various cleaning services in Lanarkshire & Glasgow. We offer One-off and regular cleans with a range of services. Feel free to get in touch if you know what you want, or why not take advantage and book a FREE home visit from one of our senior taskmasters so we can chat about how we can help you

Go to the Home Chores Services page of this website and order now, or book a FREE Home visit with one of our senior Taskmasters. Or Say Hello with an enquiry or Whattsapp and we will be in touch as soon as possible

That is completely up to yourself. We will understand your needs and our Taskmasters will work away. Our Taskmasters are often willing to clean regardless of your presence. The answer varies based on your personal preference. 

From the start of our relationship we will work together to create our Task List. During every visit we will adjust this list to your suit your preferences. At Complete we strive to keep you with the same Taskmaster for your convenience. On occasion we may have to send another Taskmaster but rest assure that your preferences will be passed on so we Complete all the tasks we usually do. 

One-off cleaning refers to a thorough cleaning that is performed on a single occasion. It involves a significantly more thorough cleaning than what would occur on a typical weekly or biweekly schedule. Occasionally, one-off cleans are necessary when transitioning into or out of a new residence. However, they can also be performed on an annual basis, such as during spring cleaning.

Absolutely, our proficient cleaners undergo a thorough vetting process and are covered by insurance to ensure your tranquility.

Regular cleaning refers to the act of cleaning that occurs at regular intervals, typically on a weekly or fortnightly basis. A proficient cleaner will consistently perform identical cleaning tasks during each visit to maintain your residence in excellent shape.

A professional house cleaning service is a service offered by skilled house cleaners that has vast expertise and experience in cleaning residential properties.

A local cleaning service refers to a cleaning service that is provided, supervised, and run inside a certain geographical area. By utilizing such a service within your vicinity, you can rest assured that the cleaner will possess ample expertise and reside in close proximity. Utilizing a local cleaning service entails providing assistance to local cleaners and businesses.

Unless otherwise agreed a typical routine cleaning would encompass the sanitization of the bathroom and kitchen, the removal of dust from surfaces, the vacuuming and mopping of floors, as well as the wiping of various surfaces. However, it is crucial to effectively convey your requirements and allocate sufficient time for the Taskmaster to fulfill your desired tasks.

Affirmative, we frequently offer self-employment opportunities for experienced cleaners and Home Support workers in Lanarkshire & Glasgow. Further information regarding employment opportunities with our organization can be obtained On the Working With Us page. 

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