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Loft/Home Clearance

Loft/Home Clearance

There are a few reasons to clear out your loft or home. Weather it be to sell the house, or just to have a bit of a clear out our Taskmasters can assist with this hard labour chore.

Once you have ordered this service we will send a senior Taskmaster to provide a pre-survey to consult on the best disposal of unwanted items (if any) and you can let us know exactly how you want this chore completed. You may only want to bring your items down from the loft, sort, and then have them put back up - that's absolutely fine just let us know when we meet/chat.

Once we have your orders a team of Taskmasters will then start clearing whether it be to kerb side or arranged disposal vessel within a 4 hour period.

Out Taskmasters will tidy after them, but if you really want everything looking sparkly after then speak to us about our cleaning services.

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